January 31, 2005 the Little Penguin Wine Times Volume 2, Issue 1

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Little Penguin Wine Times. As the definitive voice of the fast growing colony of the Little Penguin loyalists, we're happy to bring you all the latest news, events, offers, and fun from the land of the Little Penguin.

It's a Party!
We'd like to thank our many Penguin Pals for the fun pictures we have received from Penguin Parties over the holiday season.

Take the cue from the Little Penguin and his flock by throwing your own Penguin Party. Better yet, test your wine knowledge by throwing a blind tasting party (no blindfold necessary), and challenge your fellow penguins to guess which wine they are drinking. You may be surprised by who walks away with bragging rights & which wine will be your favorite. Click here for Party Tips.

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What's New - Wine Personality Test

What wine are you? Take the Little Penguin Wine Personality Test to find out. This quick quiz will help reveal the wine that truly matches your character.

The real question is, are you a Chardonnay, Shiraz, Cabernet or Merlot? Find out if you're the life of the flock or a burrow body. Then compare and share the Little Penguin Wine profile with your friends


This Month's Feature - the Little Penguin Merlot

Merlot, a delicious, approachable red wine, is often recognized by its supple flavors of black cherry and strawberries. Australia, the home of the Little Penguin, has officially joined the ranks of the best producers of Merlot in the world, despite the wine's Bordeaux heritage. Try the Little Penguin Merlot and you will enjoy scents of black cherry, spice and juicy strawberries while your mouth is treated to sweet fruit, closing with a smooth finish. Learn more about wines.

Rave Reviews
Always looking for the latest wine gossip, our roving reporter has been foraging for opinions about the Little Penguin Merlot. Here is what they've been saying:

A wine.com Customer - Minnesota
"Fruit-Forward and flavorful. Excellent value and more vibrant fruit than other wines at similiar price. And the package is great! The Bird is the Word! These wines are great. Definitely an attention-getter in an increasingly-cluttered Australian Section."

A wine.com Customer - Florida
"I went to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, as we do every year. I found this great Merlot. Little Penguin. This is my new favorite. Lite but full of flavor, the best new wine, I love it!"

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Food Pairings - Merlot
Nothing enhances a meal more than a good bottle of wine. But, in deciding which wine to serve with which food, the Little Penguin says there are no rules! However, he does have some favorites.

To help, he's happy to offer the following advice on food pairings, from quick and easy meals to more formal gourmet gatherings:

the Prompt Penguin  •  the Practical Penguin  •  the Perfect Penguin

Coming Soon

Be sure to visit the Little Penguin's website as often as you can, because you never know what new fun and freebies the Little Penguin may have for you. the Little Penguin will be throwing a number of Penguin Parties in the coming months. Stay tuned for more...

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