September 13, 2005 the Little Penguin Wine Times Volume 4, Issue 1

Fellow Party Penguin,

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Little Penguin Wine Times. Summer has almost past us by and the Little Penguin has a lot of exciting news we'd like to share with you.

the Little Penguin wants you to rethink pink. So he's introducing a rosy new addition to the collection: the Little Penguin's White Shiraz. Sporting an oh-so-fashionable new look, the Little Penguin is blushing with pride and excited to share this new addition of the family with all his Penguin Pals.

What Makes You Blush?

To set the stage for your own encounter with the newest Little Penguin, you are invited to reveal just what makes you blush. Take the "What Makes You Blush?" quiz now and show off your own shade of pink. Then share the results with your friends over a refreshing glass of the new Pink Penguin.

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This Month's Feature -
the Little Penguin White Shiraz

We all know what makes the Penguin blush: pride over his new White Shiraz. While the Little Penguin White Shiraz is perfect for any season, it captures the last bits of summer in a bottle, helping you stretch out the summer fun a little longer. This rose wine delivers great berry fruit on the nose and initial palate, is slightly sweet but with a crisp, clean finish, an ideal summer wine. Learn more about our wines.

Food Pairings
Enjoy the last of summer with some good friends, a bottle of the Little Penguin White Shiraz and a delicious meal to compliment the setting. Nothing adds to the fun and flavor of a meal more than a good bottle of wine. And while the Little Penguin feels that there are no rules when it comes to food pairings, he does have a few suggestions to make things a little easier.

the Prompt Penguin  •  the Practical Penguin  •  the Perfect Penguin

Coming Soon

In the flurry of all the exciting events, the Little Penguin continues to astound by announcing yet another new wine into the Penguin flock. And while we can't give anything away yet, let's just say this elegant wine is slightly more finicky than the others. Stay tuned for more details.

Be sure to visit the Little Penguin's website as often as you can. One never knows what fun new freebies the Little Penguin may have in store. Plus you can check in to see when the next Penguin Party is headed your way.

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