December 13, 2005 the Little Penguin Wine Times Volume 5, Issue 1
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Seasons Greetings to all of our Penguin Pals!

It's holiday time with the Little Penguin, who's going to be one stuffed bird after all the celebrating. And he has reason to celebrate, as a lot has happened in this past year. But the excitement isn't over yet - the Little Penguin has some wonderful new surprises to share with you.

New & Improved - the Little Penguin's Wine Personality Test

What wine were you? A cheerful Chardonnay or laid back Merlot? Were you a deep thinking Cabernet or a gutsy Shiraz? If you haven't taken the Wine Personality Test, have no fear for the Little Penguin is making a few updates. He's added fun new questions (and hilarious answers, if he does say so himself) and two new personalities for the Little Penguin Pinot Noir and White Shiraz. Whether your original personality ruffled your feathers, or you haven't taken the test yet, the Little Penguin is sure that you will enjoy the newest Wine Personality Test.

This Month's Feature -
the Little Penguin Pinot Noir
Australian wines have long dominated the import category here in the U.S. However, while Pinot Noir has become one of the most popular varietals, the Little Penguin's home is still an untapped region for Pinot Noir. Seeing the potential in Australia to become the next big producer of Pinot Noir, the Little Penguin is pleased to announce the latest addition to the family - the Little Penguin Pinot Noir!

Pinot Noir has developed quite a reputation as a delicate grape that, when handled properly, can become an elegant wine. the Little Penguin's Pinot Noir is no exception. the Little Penguin Pinot Noir has rich, spicy flavors with a smooth, clean finish.

the Little Penguin will be celebrating the New Year with the release of this tasty new wine, set to release in early January. Learn more about our wines.

Food Pairings
While the Pinot Noir might be a finicky grape, the Little Penguin's Pinot Noir isn't fussy about what food to pair it with - especially that holiday bird in the oven. Combine this elegant wine with a quiet moment, some fun friends, or a special occasion and happy times are sure to abound. the Little Penguin has cooked up some delightful (and tasty) recipes to meet anyone's schedule.

the Prompt Penguin  •  the Practical Penguin  •  the Perfect Penguin

the Little Penguin Cookbook
If you've enjoyed the Little Penguin's food pairings and recipes in the past, then you'll love his new Cookbook. Working with renowned Australian chef Sally James, the Little Penguin Cookbook features delectable dishes to pair with each of the Little Penguin wines. Try a couple of the recipes out for yourself by visiting the Little Penguin's website or purchase the Cookbook online. Then, grab some friends, pop open some of the Little Penguin wines, and enjoy!

the Littlest Penguin from the Little Penguin
What's smaller than the Little Penguin? Why, his 187ml bottles, of course! the Little Penguin is now offering his fun and approachable wines in fun-sized packs. Easy to store, fun to break out at a penguin party and as attractive as the Little Penguin himself, these little bottles are sure to make a big splash. With Christmas around the corner, these wonderful little bottles would make great stocking stuffers and are now available for your enjoyment.
Coming Soon
Be sure to visit the Little Penguin's website often to see what new events, surprises, and online fun the Little Penguin has created. And don't forget to keep your eye out for the Little Penguin Pinot Noir and to take (or retake) the Little Penguin's Wine Personality Test.
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