July 14, 2006 the Little Penguin Wine Times Volume 6, Issue 1
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Fellow Party Penguin,

Summer is half way over and while other penguins might be enjoying their icebergs, the Little Penguin is enjoying his sun down under with his fellow party penguins. As always, this busy bird is preparing for some fun and exciting new treats to help everyone enjoy the summer fun.

Chillin' and Grillin' with the Little Penguin White Shiraz!

Summer is a time for good friends, good food and definitely good wine. For those interested in a refreshing summer drink that doesn't come from a can, a deliciously chilled glass of the Little Penguin White Shiraz pairs nicely with just about anything thrown on the grill, from Dover Sole to Turkey Burgers. Whether you're throwing the party of the century, or kicking back in your air conditioned living room, the Little Penguin White Shiraz will make it memorable. Don't be fooled by its demure blush—this White Shiraz is flavorful and strong, yet finishes crisp and clean. Sweet, flirty and just a little bit cheeky, this Little Penguin may have you reconsidering what makes you blush!

Win Your Own Adopted
Little Penguin!

the Little Penguin is on a mission to protect and preserve the real-life Little Penguins of Phillip Island in South East Australia. The carefree Little Penguin on the bottle is widely known for living life to the fullest, and he wants to be sure every one of his fellow feathered friends can do the same.

Visit adopt.thelittlepenguin.com now and enter for your chance to receive a real-life adopted Little Penguin.

One new lucky winner will be selected from a fresh pool of entries every day for the next 365 days, so sign up daily to increase your chances! Then at the end of the contest, one proud parent will be chosen to receive The Ultimate Penguin Party, an all-expense-paid blowout event for up to 50 people in their hometown. Get ready to party like a penguin! And don't forget to spread the word to family and friends to "adopt" their own penguin so these lovely and beautiful birds can continue to exist. Proceeds from the adoptions will go directly to the Penguin Foundation in Victoria, Australia.

It's Time for a Birthday Celebration!

the Little Penguin is growing up and just keeps getting better with age! The fun-loving Little Penguin is always eager to come up with new, exciting ways to share all the fun and has created a limited-edition "Celebration Pack" in honor of his second birthday. Look closely at these decorative bottles and you can see just how much the Little Penguin has grown over the past two years!

Hitting stores just in September, these uniquely designed bottles are the perfect accent to any celebration. the Little Penguin Celebration Packs will have a limited run so be sure to pick some up while supplies last!

the Littlest Penguin Chix Pax
Get ready gals: the Little Penguin has introduced the newest, and tiniest, addition to his colony: the easily tote-able, irresistibly grabable, the Little Penguin Chix Pax. Featuring the same great fruit-forward, bold-flavored wines, the Little Penguin Chix Pax consist of Baby Penguin “chick”-size, single-serving screw-cap bottles packed four to a brightly colored carrying case. By adding the element of portability to its hallmark accessibility, the Little Penguin Chix Pax have essentially given wing to the party spirit and created a fresh way to look at wine that fits women’s lifestyles. Let these littlest penguins add an element of style and fun to any occasion.
Wine Spectator - Daily Wine Pick
85 pts - Cabernet Sauvignon 2004
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