the Little Penguin helping the Little Penguins

the Little Penguin is helping his fellow Little Penguins by supporting The Penguin Foundation and Phillip Island National Park. The Penguin Foundation was established to protect and preserve one of Australia's most important natural assets - the Little Penguins of Phillip Island.

Working in partnership with the Phillip Island Nature Park, the Foundation raises funds for projects ranging from penguin rescue and rehabilitation in the event of a man-made disaster; to building new penguin nesting areas; monitoring penguin health and behavior; and protecting the Little Penguins' natural environment.

the Little Penguin is offering a helping hand (and wing) by donating proceeds from the sales of the Little Penguin wines to The Penguin Foundation.

To learn more, visit The Penguin Foundation's site at

Fun Penguin Facts

  • Little Penguins are the smallest penguins in the world measuring at only 33cm tall.
  • Little Penguin's were once called "Fairy Penguins" due to their small stature.
  • Little Penguin choose to stay with the same mate each year, with a "divorce" rate of 18-45%.

Want to know more? Download a PDF with information about the Little Penguins and The Penguin Foundation.