Napa, CA

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Food Pairing Tips

Nothing enhances the taste and atmosphere of a meal more than a good bottle of wine. But, when it comes to deciding which wine to serve with which food there is, according to the Little Penguin, only one rule - there are no rules. Any combination that tastes good to you is a good combination. And the best way to find out is to experiment with an open mind and full glass of the Little Penguin wine.

What To Serve With the Little Penguin Wines.
the Little Penguin has a few favorite pairings of his own. These are a great place to start. But, by all means, find a few favorites of your own.

  • the Little Penguin Chardonnay with fresh seafood or by itself at a beach party.
  • the Little Penguin Shiraz with pizza.
  • the Little Penguin Merlot with a grilled chicken salad or homemade Italian foods.
  • the Little Penguin Cabernet Sauvignon with every carnivore's favorite, meat on the barbie.
  • the Little Penguin Pinot Noir with pork or salmon.

For more recipes and food pairings, order the Little Penguin Cookbook.