Napa, CA

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Party Tips

The Little Penguin is a leading authority on cocktail parties. No surprise with the built-in tux and hundreds of close friends hanging around all night. Here are some helpful tips for your next cocktail get-together.

  1. Get enough wine. Here's a good rule of thumb (do penguins have thumbs?). There are approximately 5 servings in a bottle of wine. For a three-hour party with 10 wine-drinking guests, you would need about 40 servings of wine (4 glasses for each person). So grab 8 bottles of wine.
  2. For a cocktail party, think 60% white, 40% red.
  3. Don't forget the non-drinkers and designated drivers. Get plenty of soda and sparkling water.
  4. Keep in mind that people will drink 25 to 50% less at afternoon parties than at evenings shindigs.
  5. Take the cheese out of the fridge an hour before serving for better taste and texture.
  6. If wine spills, don't panic. (Unless it's the Little Penguin. That would be a disaster.) Just blot immediately with a clean towel and treat with sparkling water. Don't use tap water. The chlorine causes spots.
  7. Did we mention to make sure you get enough wine? And if you really want to make it special, get the Little Penguin.